Backup your work.

Even with the great technology we have in hard drives these days, both mechanical and solid state, storage devices all inevitably fail at some point.

If you’re a freelancer (or anyone really–it just comes to mind that freelancers likely keep a large amount of data on their computer) and you keep everything on one drive, I would encourage you to invest in a good external hard drive and start backing up your data regularly.

There’s no need to go overboard with a huge 4 TB drive and hourly Time Machine backups–get a drive that fits your needs the best. Time Machine is a great way to back up your data, but if you want more manual control, some good alternatives are Carbon Copy Cloner (the app that I use to back up. It’s free!) or Super Duper (also free). Both apps do a great job of creating a bootable clone of your hard drive so that you can start up your computer from your external hard drive in the event of a hard drive failure. Read a how-to guide on using SuperDuper from Mac.Appstorm if you have trouble getting started.

Go back up your data. It’s important.

How do you back up your computer?



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